Accounts Maintenance - Change receipt details

Accounts Maintenance - Change receipt details

1.       Accounts > Accounts Maintenance. 

2.   Click the Change Boat button to change your Boat

      Alternatively, click the Change Customer button to select by customer.

3.   The Transaction Selection displays all transactions, receipts, payment transactions, credits and receipts for your selected patron.

      Click on the Payment transaction/Credit/Receipt/Refund line you wish to amend.

      Always remember to select the correct receipt line before you proceed any further.

4.   The Transaction Header Details displays the Patron and Boat details for the transaction line you have selected.
Change the Date

      Change the Reference
      Change the Boat Name
      Change the Name
      Change the House, Street, Locality, Town, County, Postcode
      Change the Pay Method

5.   Click the Save button.

6.   The Transaction Header Details amended only apply to this receipt, and not the Customer and Address details stored in Set Up Boats.


Note:  It is not possible to update/amend receipt details once the receipt has been allocated