Creating a Credit Note

Creating a Credit Note

1.       Select the account using F2 – to open Quick Search screen.

2.      Open the Customer Account window using the F5 function key. Alternatively, Accounts > Credit Invoice Lines.


3.       Click Credit Inv Lines.


4.       If the invoice is allocated un-tick Show unallocated invoices only tick box to display all payment transactions.

5.       Select the invoice to credit by double clicking it – it will move to the Items to Credit section in the bottom half of the screen. Click the Create Credit Note button at the top left-hand corner to move to the   Raise Invoice screen.

6.       Click Raise to generate the credit note – or Email to email it.

7.       Leave the refund blank (if not paying now or enter value, how paid and a reference and click Save. If you enter a value for the refund now it will auto-allocate. You can enter a refund later by opening the Input Receipts screen and selecting Refund button. Enter the value, how paid and reference. You will then need to allocate.

8.       At the prompt to Print Invoice/Credit Note select Yes. Close the Credit Note window as it remains open using the cross in top right corner of the window.

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