1.      Select Accounts > Print Statement. 

2.       Select a Single Customer or a Range of Customers. When selecting a range, you need to select the start and finish boat. Click on the Boat icon in the Boat Range section and search for the boat to start and repeat for the finish boat. When a range is selected a line for each is displayed in the Customers section. This may vary depending on other criteria selected for example it may not appear if you choose not to see Zero balance items. 

3.       Search for the individual customer by Boat Name, Customer Account Code or by Customer Name.

4.       Check Show Zero balances, includes customers that have an account balance of zero.

5.       Check Show Credit Balances include customers that have a credit balance.

6.       Check Update Paid Items. Allocated items update and mark as Historic.

Note: only do this if you wish to remove all paid items from view on all customers’ accounts.

7.       Check Limit statements by Balance. Enter an account balance value, statements will only be produced for customers’ accounts equal to or greater than this value.

8.       The default Statement message is applied (See Set Up Program Options).

9.       Over type to change the message, applicable to this statement run only.

10.   Click on the Preview button to view the invoices on the screen.

11.   Click on the Print button.

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